2014 Vans Kill the Line Test Run

With the news that Vans Kill the Line wouldn’t be happening again until 2016, I really wasn’t expecting to see any new Kill the Line related content for another year and half. Peynier BMX surprised me though with this POV test run that Bérenger Cordier took last year. I’m pretty interested to see what they… Continue reading 2014 Vans Kill the Line Test Run

Vans Kill the Line 2013 Info & Teaser

Damn times flies! It seems like the 2012 Vans Kill the Line wasn’t too long ago, but in reality we are already coming up on the 2013 contest. It’s just a little over three months away and Alex Dropsy, Max Bimar, Bérenger Cordier, and the kids of Peynier are already getting the line ready for… Continue reading Vans Kill the Line 2013 Info & Teaser

Introducing: Shape Bicycles

I don’t remember how I came upon it but last spring I stumbled across a stem that I had never seen before from a company that I had never heard of. I eventually found my way to their site and to my surprise there was a whole line of products that were geared towards the… Continue reading Introducing: Shape Bicycles