More From Shawn Shimkets’ Yard!

Shawn’s yard has been getting a lot of love lately! Zach Carman and┬áNicholas Moffett headed out there to shoot this newest edit and they had a drone helicopter in tow. Shawn’s yard always looks amazing but it was looking extra sweet from an aerial perspective. I’m really surprised Bullet didn’t maul that thing!

“Shovelin” with Shawn Shimkets

I knew there was a documentary in the works on Shawn’s yard but fuck this thing is legit! Dan Coronado of San Diego Action Media┬ádid an amazing job with this! I’d say it’s perfect, but if I had to give it one critique it would be that Bullet doesn’t make enough appearances.

Blaine Mazzetti Who & Why (Again & Again!)

Blaine is once again the subject of Figure’s “Who & Why” series, but this time the photos were shot by none other than Mrs. Mazzetti. I said photos as in plural because Figure is playing a little catch up this month and decided to use two pics of Blaine. Check them out HERE