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Mike Saavedra Deluxe Ad

Blue Bench is one of the most picturesque sets of trails that I’ve ever seen. This new Deluxe ad featuring Mike Saavedra running in issue #13 of The Albion would make you think that they’re located on a tropical island somewhere. In reality they’re tucked away just a few yards from California’s urban sprawl. Check out the full ad after the jump.

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Max Bimar Cruise at Riverside

I’ve been patiently waiting for more footage of Max’s trip to California to surface. Well here it is, and though I wish it was a little less POV and instead had more¬†footage that someone had filmed I’ll take what I can get. Max’s Sacre Bleu frame is finally available from Deluxe, and in here he shows you that it has no problem handling Blue Bench and Heath Pinter’s trails.

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Anthony Napolitan Edit By Dylan Pfohl

This is definitely a little more stunting than something I would usually post but Dylan Pfohl’s camera work in this is incredible. The whole thing looks awesome but the shots at Blue Bench are my favorite by far.

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BMX trails dirt jumping

Blue Bench Makeover

Mike Saavedra and the rest of the Blue Bench crew have been putting in some serious work. Apparently turning a whole section around so that it would flow better. ESPN has a video showing off all the work they had done prior to undertaking that huge project. Check it.

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