Cosmo Trails Mini Doc

Well since I don’t understand Portuguese, I can only take an educated guess at what’s being said in here. Since it’s titled as a “mini doc” and has both new and old footage of Brazil’s Cosmo Trails, I’m going to say that they discuss the trails origins and who keeps them alive and running today.… Continue reading Cosmo Trails Mini Doc

Cosmo Trails Jam

It’s becoming very apparent that if I’m going to keep doing CYDI that I may need to learn Portuguese. Shit is always going on down in Brazil and I’m always seeing new trails. This is the first that I’ve seen or heard of the Cosmo Trails, but they look to be another good spot and… Continue reading Cosmo Trails Jam

Continental Trails Photo Gallery By Victor Frezza

One of my favorite things about doing Can You Dig It is seeing all the different trails and scenes from around the world. The Continental Trails were the first set of Brazilian trails that I was aware of. I don’t know what it is but the place just seems like it has a really good… Continue reading Continental Trails Photo Gallery By Victor Frezza

Continental Trails ESPN Video & Gallery

Spotted this video of the Continental Trails and the photo gallery that goes along with it over on the Brazilian X Games/ESPN site. I really need to make an effort to start learning Portuguese so that I not only know what they are saying in these videos but also so I’ll be ready for when I make a trip down to… Continue reading Continental Trails ESPN Video & Gallery