Bogey Trails 2016

The Bogey Trails have managed to grow quite the thriving scene in their two short years of legalized existence!

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Bogey Trails Spring 15

It was just a few weeks ago that the Toby Parker and the rest of the Bogey Trails locals were taking their first laps of the season, and now the place looks like it’s running at almost 100%. I’m real stoked on the little guy in here getting his first taste of trails. We definitely could use some more youngins in the trail scene.

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Bogey Trails First Runs

A winter of hard work has paid off for Toby Parker because the Bogey Trails are already running. It actually seems like a lot of spots are running pretty early this year. On one hand I’m excited about that, on the other I’m starting to worry that we may be in for a dry one. You may want to start thinking about your water storage plans now!

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Goings On This Weekend

This is a big weekend as far as jams and events go! There’s the kick off of the Dig and Destroy series at Nick’s Trails in Pinole, CA, the Shotgun Trails in Garner, NC are having their Spring Jam, the Bogey Trails in the UK are having their Opening Jam, and last but not least is the 4th Street Trails Memorial Jam in Indiana. Get out and get amongst one of these! Full flyers after the jump. 

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Bogey Trails

The Bogey Trails opening celebration is still a few weeks off but that doesn’t mean they haven’t been putting in laps. This edit shows the crew getting in some runs and also shows how the trails came to be. 

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bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

Bogey Trails Opening Jam

Toby Parker hit us up to let us know that after two years of hard work going back and forth with the council, the Bogey Trails in Barnstaple, UK are now a reality. They’re celebrating with an opening jam on Saturday May 24th, and all are invited. Come out and share with them this victory in getting a legal set of trails up and running. Hit up their FB Page for more info.

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