Windowless Van – Nothing But Time

Zak Earley’s windowless shade van headed off to Long Island in pursuit of good times and dialed trails. They hit some skateparks first but jump to 02:53 to skip all that and get right to the hair metal fueled L.I. trails section. Terra, K, and Supes even make some appearances in it! This has me itching to get back up to The Island asap. Maybe I’ll even finally make it out to Panamoka.

Brian Kaminski Interview

Brian Kaminski (or K as a lot of people call him) is a name that I've heard brought up a lot over the years, but wasn't until this Summer that I actually got to meet him. It was during my first visit to Boondocks and he was the subject of a lot of people's conversations. I learned that he had recently had a pretty crazy surgery for some kind of hereditary cancer that he had been diagnosed with. To my and everyone else's surprise he wandered into the trails a little bit later. We chatted throughout the day and I learned a lot about what he had been going through. The more I learned the more I was amazed that he was up wandering around the trails and even more amazed when he took a lap through the pump track. Terra interviewed K about the surgery and details around it, and you can check it out over on ESPN. It's a great read and one I definitely suggest taking the time for.