First Look: Merritt FT1 Brian Foster Signature Tire

Earlier this year the guys at Merritt mentioned that they were working on a signature tire for Brian Foster. Of course my ears instantly perked up and I began wondering what they'd come up with. They were being tight lipped on the details but said that it would be quite a bit different than your traditional tire geared for the trails. That statement popped into my head numerous times over the next few months as I tried to visualize what BF's tire would look like. My guess was that it would be some kind of low profile knobby since trails and concrete are BF's terrains of choice. As far as being different than other trails tires, I was at a loss. (more...)

Brian Foster – What’s Next After BMX?

Brian Foster has had a long and illustrious career in BMX and at 42 he's still killing it. What's next though? That's just what ESPN set to find out and the answer may surprise you. For the past few years BF has been back in school working towards getting his PHD in Physical Therapy. Seems like a solid career choice to me, and his future patients will be very lucky to be under the care of someone who has had and overcome many injuries himself. Head on over to ESPN for some insight from the future doc himself.

Brian Foster Bike Check

Merritt just posted up a bike check on the Blue Falcon's current ride, and it has all kinds of prototype goodies on it. Not only is he running Merritt's dope SL1 seat and 200mm pivotal post that we've been seeing pictures pop up of, but he's also on a set of their prototype hubs. Go get a first look at them along with the rest of BF's ride over on the Merrit site.

Brian Foster & Tom Dugan Do Malaga

Tom Dugan may get top billing on other sites, but not around here! Fit sent BRIAN, Tom, and Stew Johnson off to Malaga to meet up with Ruben and check out the abundant spots around the city he calls home. There’s a whole lot of park footage but luckily for us they hit up at trail jam and that crazy dirt quarter that Ruben built. I was totally down to watch those dudes flow around some parks, but you can jump ahead to 03:56 if you want to get straight to the jam and quarter.

Fit MAC Pedals Promo With Brian Foster

Ok, so it’s actually also with Shawn McIntosh but his name doesn’t mean anything around here now does it? All he has to talk about is the PC version of the pedals anyway. Skip right on through that mess and on to 01:27 where BF drops some knowledge on you about the proper metal Fit MAC pedals. As an added bonus we get some footage of him cruising some Spanish soil!

“Older people like metal pedals… It’s just the way it used to be.” -Brian Foster