Dig Soundtrack – Rockin’ With The Falcon

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July weekend and still has all of their digits intact! Dig finished off BF week yesterday with this rockin’ compilation of tunes from the Falcon’s video sections. Click here if you want the track list, otherwise hit play and rock out for the next 35 minutes!

BF-it: Dreamline Crash Commentary

I loved every second of BF-it, but this commentary from his crash at Dreamline may be my favorite part. I probably watched it 10 times in a row the first time I saw it, laughing harder and harder each time. Not that I like seeing BF crash, but god damn did he make a shitty situation absolutely hilarious. Via Dig

BF-it Online Release Trailer

Stew Johnson’s masterpiece that is BF-it is going to be released online this coming Monday on the Dig site. Now, every trail rider worth his bag of salt already owns a copy of BF-it, but it will be rad to have it available online for some other eyes to see. Who knows, maybe it will help show some other riders …

Flashback: Make Every Second Count – Catty Woods 2D

Here’s a flashback that I had totally forgotten about until I rediscovered it the other day. This is the 2D version of the Catty section from the 3D Blue-ray film “Make Every Second Count.” I’m kind of in disbelief that I never picked up a copy of the DVD. I’m not really into 3D stuff but this would be absolutely …