Merritt Brian Foster & Brad Simms 1UP Bars

If you remember back to our interview with Sean and Mike of Merritt, they mentioned that they were working on some taller versions of Brian Foster and Brad Simm's signature bars. Here's the first peak at the new bars dubbed 1UP. The 1UP name alludes to the fact that they're an inch taller than the regular versions (9.25" for Brian's and 9.5" for Brad's). They're currently being tested by the team, so there isn't a release date just quite yet. Will hit you with it as soon as we hear!

Interview: Merritt’s Mike Brennan & Sean Curran

In the almost ten years that I've known Mike Brennan I've seen him go from a relatively unknown rider from New Jersey who landed tailwhips with one foot on the top tube (sorry Mike I had to!) to being a full on BMX pro. Sponsors, traveling, video parts, the whole nine yards. Over that time Mike has continued to grow as both a rider and a person and has added a wife and kids into that mix as well. He's also put in some considerable work on the business side of the BMX industry, first with Animal Bikes and now with his latest venture Merritt. I heard the first rumblings about Merritt right before 2012's Interbike. I usually don't get too excited when a new company pops up but something told me that this company was going to be different. Over the past year and a half, Mike along with partner and highly respected product designer Sean Curran have been steadily growing Merritt into their vision of what a BMX company should be. With a stacked team that includes Brian Foster and some very well thought out and aesthetically pleasing products, Merritt has gone from the new company on the block to one that is well on its way to being one of the industry leaders. (more...)

The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2013

Well another year is drawing to a close and it just so happens to be the first full year that CYDI has been in existence. The other day I got to thinking that it would be cool to put together a list of "my" top 10 trails web edits of 2013. I had a few immediately in mind and figured I'd just take a look back through the archives to find the rest. Big mistake, because I ended up jotting down like 30 different videos. It took a bit but I finally settled on what I think is the cream of the trails web edit crop of 2013. Like I said, these are my picks and I'm sure not everyone will agree with them. Feel free to discuss or chime in with your own! Hit the jump button to check out mine! This is STICKIED until next year, so check below for new post! (more...)