Merritt – FT1 Tire Winter Testing

Here’s one of those rare occasions where I post something with absolutely no trails in it. The weather hasn’t been playing nice so we’re going to have to wait a little while longer till we get the trail edit of BF testing his signature Merritt FT1 tire. It’s coming, rest assured! For now though you’ll just have to enjoy this …

Flashback: Frenchys Trail Trip with Brian Foster

Seeing as he had a new signature tire get released yesterday, a Brian Foster flashback post seems very appropriate for today. I probably watched this edit of him from the Frenchys Trail Trip a good fifty times back when it came out. I always thought those red dirt trails were particularly rad with all the wild rollery stuff going on, …


Back in 2000 when Fit first started they managed to crank out a team video before the welds had even cooled off on the first batch of frames. To celebrate their 15th year in existence they went ahead and uploaded that first video in its entirety. It’s funny watching this again for the first time in probably a decade. It …

Brian Foster – Five Trick Fix

Ride has been doing this thing called “Five Trick Fix” where they take five clips from each section in Holy Fit and put them online. I haven’t paid much attention to it until this week when they pulled some from Brian Foster’s part. A little Posh transfer action anyone?

More BF Instavid Goodness

Two @brianfoster clips. One from @poshwoods and the other from that massive dirt quarter in Spain. Leftovers from #holy_fit #cuttingroomfloor A video posted by @fitbikeco on Dec 13, 2014 at 9:55am PST As the title eludes, here we have a couple more BF clips that didn’t make it into Holy Fit but did make it onto Fit’s Instagram.

BF Instavid Clips

The Blue Falcon @brianfoster on Texas soil. #holy_fit #cuttingroomfloor A video posted by @fitbikeco on Dec 10, 2014 at 8:09am PST These clips may not have made it into Holy Fit (which I still have yet to see) but any and all BF clips have a home here.