“Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo

I remember this commercial like it was yesterday!

“This 15 year old Seek & Destroy commercial was released in the fall of ’98 and distributed to bike shops on VHS. It also ran in an issue of Props video magazine, but hasn’t seen the light of day since then. We re-released it on the internet as a way of saying thanks to all the friends and supporters of Little Devil over the years. Riders in order of appearance: Pat Juliff, Garrett Byrnes, Brian Iarocci, Derek Adams, Van Homan, Chris Stauffer, and Rich Hirsch.” -Little Devil Brand

Classic 7-11 Trails Session

Well this a treat! Nine minutes of classic footage from the 7-11 Trails. I’ve always regretted that I never got to ride there. They were definitely ahead of their time and had an amazing crew of locals. Here are some key points from this video.

-Punjab has been ruled for a long time
-Van’s bike sounds like a bag of nails
-The world needs more Ronnie Gaska footage
-Some of those sections are tight as hell
-Where’s Robbo?