A Session

You know it’s going to be a good day when you wake up with a message from Popple with a video link in it! Will Herman spent some time bouncing around PA this summer and wouldn’t you know it, he broke his camera out. Here’s what he got from a mythical spot in Western PA featuring himself, Brian Yeagle, Tom Arkus, Ryan Popple, and more. Enjoy!

Vinyl’s Colorado Road Trip

Colorado, what can I say about it. I’ve been to a lot of places in my 33 years but nowhere that has had the same feel of freedom that Colorado has. Tom and the Vinyl dudes headed out there earlier this year and what a trip it must have been. Incredible parks and ripping trails all set amongst an almost unbelievable backdrop. This edit does an incredible job of capturing all of the awesomeness that is Colorado!

Tree Bicycles’ New Endland Roast

Last summer Clint Reynolds, Brian Yeagle, Timmy Theus, and Tree Bicycles owner Sam Schulte meandered their way through the North East hitting all kinds of spots. Of course that included a sampling of what the North East woods had to offer. I actually enjoyed the whole edit but if you want to just see the trails stuff then skip on ahead to 02:27 and then to 05:07!