Brose Farm Jam 2017

As far as videos go, this was another relatively quiet year at the Brose Farm. Good to see something from there, and especially good to see that they’re still keeping their annual jam going.

The Rise – Unexpected Thursday At The Brose Farm

We really didn’t see all that much from The Brose Farm this year, and with this new edit the majority of it has been from The Rise. Check them out catching one last session before winter shuts them out up there. They also have some pictures from the session over on The Rise’s site if… Continue reading The Rise – Unexpected Thursday At The Brose Farm

The Rise @ The Brose Farm Jam

The Rise bringing us another look at the festivities that went down at this year’s Brose Farm Jam. I don’t think there’s a single person that will disagree that Boyd owns both of the day’s highlights with his fist pump of victory and that most awesome jamminest of salmons!

2016 Brose Jam Edit

Watch this edit from this year’s Brose Farm Jam and you’ll see exactly why I said that it’s transcended from a jam and into a full on action sports event!

Brose Farm POV

Peace and tranquility has returned to the Brose Farm now that this year’s Jam has come and gone. Here’s a POV run through Boyd and crew’s handy work without the motocrossers and camo loving Canadian ladies lurking around.