Brose Jam 2014

Boyd and the Brose crew pulled off the full revamp of the farm setup in time for this year’s jam. The jumps look 1000% better than they did before! This edit from Northern Embassy is the first of what I expect to be many edits of the ripping that went down over the weekend. Definitely… Continue reading Brose Jam 2014

Brose Farm Jam 2014 Teaser

The Brose Farm Jams have always looked like a pretty good time but the jumps were lacking to say the least. Not any more though! With the help of one Alex Boyd, they’ve given the place a thorough revamp just in time for this year’s jam. Who wants to go to Canada!?

Brose Farm Jam

Boyd and the Brose Farm crew have been redialing the place all winter in preparation for this year’s jam. The jumps are looking 500% better and I can guarantee that this jam is going to be a belter. Start figuring out now how you’re going to get yourself to Ontario Canada on the 28th! Hit… Continue reading Brose Farm Jam

Brose Jam October 2013

Here’s an edit from a jam they had at the always scenic Brose Farm. Alex Boyd who recently made the move to Canada is all up in this thing. Thank god he was because otherwise it would have been all flips, whips and spins. I was secretly hoping that Boyd would spin something in here… Continue reading Brose Jam October 2013

Brose Farm Jam 2013

I wouldn’t┬ánecessarily┬ácall the setup that they have at the Brose Farm trails, but they do like fun and I wouldn’t not ride them if I had the chance. I’ve seen videos of their jams before and though the number of jumps stays the same the jam itself seems to get bigger every year.