Burck Trails 20th Anniversary Jam

What better way to celebrate a spot lasting 20 years than with a big ol’ jam? That’s just what they did at the Burck Trails, and in true French fashion, the jam turned into a giant party afterwards!

Burck Trails – Good Things Never Die

France’s Burck Trails have hit quite the milestone, 20 years in existence. This edit not only is a celebration of that, but is also an announcement of the jam next month to truly honor that achievement! [tw_divider color=”#dddddd”]

Sunday At Burck Trails

A couple weeks ago the Kennedy Center hosted this big to do based around jazz being used in skateboard videos. They built a sweet bowl and had people from all over the world come out and skate it. Of course no bikes were allowed, but maybe I should send them this latest Burck Trails edit… Continue reading Sunday At Burck Trails