The Tanner Park Story

Grit Visual produced this cool mini documentary on the history and current state of Utah’s Tanner Park Trails. They sat down with Cam Wood and Greg Ingersol for the low down, and that combined with old and new footage of the trails made for a really cool piece.

Cam Wood Interview

Cam Wood is a super chill dude, in this video he shares with the world what it’s like digging and maintaing the trail scene in Salt Lake City, he also mentions that it’s not all fun and games riding a bike. People do have to work. This video is from 2011.

The Wood Shop Spring Jam

Cam Wood is putting on a Wood Shop Spring Jam down at the Tanner Trails this Saturday. There’s a good number of sponsors kicking in goodies for it, and people who lend a hand getting stuff dialed will be rewarded!

Fuzzy Hall & Cam Wood for JayBird Headphones

There’s no way I’m going to miss an opportunity to put Fuzzy on the site! Him and Cam Wood ride a bunch of stuff all while pitching JayBird‘s Bluetooth headphones. I’m definitely intrigued by the idea of having wireless headphones. Smashing my phone while riding doesn’t really concern me. I’ve fallen on my phone hard… Continue reading Fuzzy Hall & Cam Wood for JayBird Headphones