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Photo Gallery: Catty Woods 4th of July Jam By Brian Barnhart

Intro and photos by Brian Barnhart The 4th of July Jam at Catty Woods in Pennsylvania is always highly anticipated by both the locals and the many visitors that make the haul. The jumps are usually nicely dialed in at this point in the summer, but thunderstorms can wreak havoc last minute, as they did this year. With only a handful of locals doing the majority of digging early in the season, out of town relief came to the rescue to get Catty’s ten plus lines perfected days before the jam. I was visiting my home trails from the west…

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The Back Bone Video – Will Gunn

Hands down the gnarliest part in The Back Bone Video! Will Gunn’s section takes me back to the days of old when riders rode everything! You so very rarely see that these days, and you damn sure hardly ever see someone kill all terrains at the level that Will does. There’s a spattering of trails clips throughout, with a big chunk of them coming at the 02:28 mark. Do yourself a favor though and watch the whole thing!

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Catty Woods By Tom Alper

Tom Alper sent this edit through that he made from a trip him and some buds recently went on to good ol’ Catty. Hope you weren’t stuck filming the whole time Tom, cause this looked like a fun session.

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