Dig X Catty Woods Halloween Edit

One great thing about Dig going independent is that their exclusive video content has been freed from that abysmal Mpora player. This edit came out a few years ago and went along with the Catty article found in issue 85. Not only was Janis on the cover of that issue but he also filmed and edited this. Take a trip back to a Halloween at Catty in the not so distant past.

Jon and Todd’s Excellent Catty Adventure

For ten days last fall the East Coast was graced by the presence of Todd Powers. He hit up quite a few different spots during is adventure, but Catty is the only one that made it into this edit. Jon Lynn also has a starring role in this piece. Let me tell you something about Jon. I would hang out with him everyday if I could. He has to be one of the most entertaining people on the planet. The last time I rode with him he busted out a solid four minute freestyle on “finding that blue groove” that had me doubled over laughing. Too bad I didn’t record it!