El-Stylo U.S.A. Trip

I’m liking these longer edits that have been dropping lately. Here’s a particularly long one from the Czech guys visit to the US. They did it up hitting trails from Long Island to Pittsburgh, and they even took the time to do some touristy stuff in between. The amount to trails footage in here could have easily been chopped up into four separate edits! I’m glad they did it this way though, as it made for an awesome start to a lazy Sunday.

Reminder: Catty/Posh Benefit Trail Jam @ Cranx

Just want to remind everybody about the Catty/Posh Benefit Trail Jam at Cranx this Saturday. It's a trails inspired jam that is also a benefit for Catty and Posh. They're going to have contest for biggest table, best whip, and fastest lap, with prizes from companies who support the woods. I know a lot of peeps are headed out for this so I'm sure it's going to be a blast!

Belgium’s: U.S.A. Part 1

The Belgium’s, lets just say these guys covered as much ground as possible while visiting the United States. It was such a treat watching Jeroen, Foerske, Peeters en ik, and De toeristen van den amerik (AKA: Ginger Belg). Foerske destroyed every set of trails he went to, handful of us watched him spin the biggest sets on the East Coast.

Video By: Jelle Nys