Fox Andalucia Part Three

Epic is a word that gets tossed around much too often these days, yet there’s no better word to describe this Fox video. Chase Hawk and Ruben Alcantara riding Spanish dirt all captured in slow motion by Joe Rich. Garrett Byrnes even has a few clips! I’ve watched this video dozens of times, and every time I do it’s just as amazing to me as it was when I first saw it three years ago.

Chase Hawk Baphomet Poster

If you’re into winged, horned, and breasted pagan creatures then Cult has just the thing for you. They are doing a series of limited edition screen printed posters, and the first one up is Chase Hawk’s Baphomet. You can check them out being made in the video above and pick one up from the Cult webstore.

Cult Hawk Bars Instagram Contest

It may be kind of hard for those of us living on the East Coast to pull this off but I'd like to see a shot of someone roasting some dubs win this thing! Tag your Instagram pic with #cultcontest and the winner gets a set of Cult Hawk bars. There are also prize packs for top three photos. Let's sweep this shit!

Chase Hawk in “Bad Idea”

What can I even say about this? I absolutely love watching Chase ride! Even the street lines he puts together are entertaining. I definitely wish there was more footage of him riding trails in here, but I’m still happy just seeing a few clips. Don’t sleep on watching this because it probably won’t be unlocked very long. Via Empire