DogsWood Trails

Spotted this interesting edit from the DogsWood Trails over on CheckTrails and figured I’d post it up. Definitely wasn’t expecting that flip at the end!

United TRU Frames Available in the Czech Republic

Here in the States we have easy access to pretty much any BMX frame or BMX parts that we want. That’s not the case in every country though. Sure, they could always get stuff shipped over from a mail order here, but when you factor in shipping and customs charges, you’re talking about some significant… Continue reading United TRU Frames Available in the Czech Republic

Vans Dirt & Roll 2013 Line Preview

Vans Dirt & Roll is coming up this weekend and here’s a little video of some dudes running the course. After seeing the course in action I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a damn good contest. Spotted on CheckTrails