Flashback: Welcome To Deluxe

I don’t think there’s a single person who visits this site that will argue with the fact that Deluxe won the internet this week. I’ve always been really stoked on what the brand is about, and I’m glad to see the ethos that Mark Noble created still lives on in Deluxe’s current ownership. For this… Continue reading Flashback: Welcome To Deluxe

Paying My Respects To Chertsey

Last night I started seeing rumors floating around social media that the legendary trails that are Chertsey were no more. There seemed to be some disagreement as to whether they were already gone or not so I wanted to hold off on posting anything until I actually saw something about it from a local. That… Continue reading Paying My Respects To Chertsey

Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

I already had something picked out for this week’s flashback, then Joe had to go and mess up those plans by posting this gem on Veloup. I really hope one day he does eventually upload all the Prettyshady stuff with some words about each section. I can’t even believe that it’s seriously been a decade… Continue reading Flashback: Prettyshady 3 – Section 4

Chertsey Trails Flashback

Figured I’d sneak a flashback post in before this day expires. This one features the legendary Chertsey Trails from way back in 2007. I’m undecided as to whether it has the best soundtrack of all time or the worst soundtrack of all time. I’ll let you be the judge of that!

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Segment Clothing – Trails Is Shouting

This has been a damn good day for trails videos! First “The Black Magic Sessions” and now Segment Clothing‘s full length “Trails is Shouting” release from their 2008 UK trails trip. You know this is a good one with the rider list including the likes of Darin Read, Scott Edgworth, Matt Priest, Arrash Saidi, Rikki… Continue reading Segment Clothing – Trails Is Shouting