Chris Doyle Bike Check

Two bike checks in one day, we're on on a roll here. Chris Doyle is the next up with a bike check from Ride. Interesting enough, Chris has now joined the freecoaster club. Joking!  On the real though, some of the names of the parts change on Chris' bike but overall it's pretty much looked the same for as long as I've known him. Hey, it obviously works! Hit up Ride to lay eyes upon his 20 inch.

Gettin’ Nostalgic With Chris Doyle

Chris’ little Rare Air story yesterday reminded me of this documentary that Duo and Defgrip put together a few years back. Funny story about 401. By the time I ever made it down there myself and my friends had already been spoiled by the goodness that was in Bethlehem. I remember one day we randomly decided to head down to NC and check out 401. We showed up, took like five runs and were over it. Despite the four hour drive we decided to pack it up and head back home to our spot. That of course changed when we ran into Doyle on our way down the trail out of the place. I’m glad we did come across him, because it completely changed everyone’s mood and we went back and had a damn fun day.

Rare Air with Chris Doyle

I don’t ever really think of Chris Doyle as a daredevil. Sure he does some wild stuff but he always comes across as calculated and confident while doing it. I guess being a kid and seeing another kid’s eye get popped out by a stick will make you think about what you’re doing a little bit more.

Camp Three Welcomes Chris Doyle

Camp Three is a brand that some of you may not have heard before. Back in the late 90s and on into the early 2000s they were pretty damn big here on the East Coast. They had all the makings to be huge, a stacked team, clean designs, and some highly respected guys behind it all. Then poof they were gone.

Well, after a long hiatus it looks like Camp Three is officially back! Around four months ago they started up a Vimeo channel which has steadily been growing with content. Today comes the announcement that OG team member Chris Doyle is back on the roster. I don’t know about you, but I’m very interested to see where this goes! Below you’ll find what they had to say about Chris rejoining the team. You should definitely make your way over to the Camp Three site and check out all their new stuff after you give it a read!

“CAMP THREE would like to officially welcome Chris Doyle to the team. As a member of the original C3 team from the late 90′s/early 2000′s, we always considered Chris a “Lifer” and a Brother. We can’t begin to express how stoked we are to officially announce his return to the team. If you’re gonna build a house you better have the foundation right and we couldn’t think of a better rock solid foundation than Chris. Known as one of the most respected guys in BMX, we’re proud to have him representing our brand and the PA BMX scene.”

Re-Up: Blaine’s Jam Edit #2

I’ve been having some major San Diego withdrawal symptoms as of late. You know, punching snowmen in the face, looking at jackets with extreme disgust, threatening to choke mother nature if I can somehow figure out how to get my hands around her neck, stuff like that. This edit from Blaine and Shawn’s has only made things worse.