Chris Doyle’s Finest Moments On Dirt

Kink threw together a collection of what they consider Chris Doyle’s “finest moments on dirt” since he’s been on the team. Good stuff in here for sure, but that 720 he did in Anthem II over the big jump at Potoczny’s needs to be in here!

Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

And here we have the Urkatu section from Compression’s Septembre DVD. Coming across this today is what tipped me off that I had missed the previous section. Anyway, it always tripped me out that they had a full on legitimate resi landing at Urkatu! Don’t think I’m hatin’, I would stunt the hell out of… Continue reading Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

DIG – ACT Jam 2017 Photo Gallery

Every year the Back Bone crew goes all out and puts on three days of BMX madness that is known as the ACT Jam. Some downhill roasters built next to a race track was the site of one of the jams, and they totally reminded me of the old DK Dirt Circuit days! DIG has… Continue reading DIG – ACT Jam 2017 Photo Gallery

Drawing Chris Doyle

To someone like myself who has less artistic ability than a no armed rhesus monkey, this video of Brant Moore drawing a portrait of Chris Doyle is pretty amazing! If you’d like to pick up a print of this drawing so that you can adorn your wall with Chris’ chiseled face, you my friend are… Continue reading Drawing Chris Doyle

Demolition Doyle X Anthem Seat Clearance Sale

I had all but forgotten about the rad Chris Doyle X Anthem pivotal seats that Demolition had done a few years back; that was until they posted on Instagram yesterday about them being on clearance for only $14.99. You’d be hard pressed to find any pivotal seat that cheap, let alone one that looks as… Continue reading Demolition Doyle X Anthem Seat Clearance Sale

Pumped BMX 3 Trailer

The wait is almost over! In just two short weeks Pumped BMX 3 will be available for both iOS and Android! It’s almost certain that there will be a worldwide drop in productivity immediately following the release. Better get everything you need to get done before September 29th rolls around!

Tall Order – Webisode #13

00:38 and 08:17 are are the times you want to remember/jump to in this latest Tall Order webisode. The first one is a bit of hilarity as some tweaker takes himself out by running into a pedestrian on the Hermosa Beach Pier. The second is a HEATED session at the Oakley Trails with Corey Bohan,… Continue reading Tall Order – Webisode #13