Flashback: Chris Stauffer – ECD 4 Section

Last Sunday I had the pleasure and honor of seeing Chris Stauffer make his return to riding Posh after a hiatus spanning several years. Seeing him start off on the warm-up line and work his way back up to riding Chillers and Sidewinder was nothing short of magical. There wasn’t one person not clapping when… Continue reading Flashback: Chris Stauffer – ECD 4 Section

“Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo

I remember this commercial like it was yesterday! “This 15 year old Seek & Destroy commercial was released in the fall of ’98 and distributed to bike shops on VHS. It also ran in an issue of Props video magazine, but hasn’t seen the light of day since then. We re-released it on the internet… Continue reading “Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo