Morning at the Ranch 2

Pretty damn psyched to see that they’re still sneaking in sessions at the Sunset Ranch! Shawn Howard put this one together from an early morning session where Chris Traverse decided it was time to go upside down. He got it done, but not before taking a pretty good beating!

Days Spent Ranching

Here’s some more footage from the Sunset Ranch that’s just surfacing! Pretty rad that even though the place and been pretty much shut down for almost a year now, there’s still some unseen footage out there!

Nasty North – Sunrise Session at Sunset Ranch

It’s so good to see a bunch of dudes getting to sneak in a session at the Sunset Ranch! It’s been almost a year since the landowner put the kibosh on the little paradise Chris Traverse had carved out in their woods. I know he’s been able to get in a stealth session every now… Continue reading Nasty North – Sunrise Session at Sunset Ranch