X Games Dirt Highlights

So X Games Dirt has made its triumphant return to US Soil. Dave King was in charge of building the course and I think he came up with a pretty good one. If you didn’t land decent on the second to last set you were pretty much ass out for the last one. There was a fair amount of panic pedaling going on and even more power cases. Nyquist cased so hard that he got ejected over his bars and all the way to the bottom of the landing. Even more impressive was Pat Casey’s 10/90 case. It wasn’t a 10/90 with his bike though, it was with his face! I might be being a bit overgenerous saying that 10% of his face made it over the landing because it really was pretty much only a hand and an eyelash. Somehow dude survived. Aside front the last set carnage the other highlight for me was Clint not only being in the X Games but making finals. I just wish they showed more than one of his runs. Oh well, that’s tv. (more…)

Clint Reynolds Bike Check

New bike time for Clint Reynolds is a little different than new bike time for most people. Rather than starting with a new frame and going from there, Clint starts with the tubes to make a frame. He recently welded himself up a new C.C.R. and S&M put together this slideshow to show it off. I’m loving the DIY camo paint job!

Dig 98 “The Trails Issue”

Here it is! The cover of Dig issue 98 aka "The Trails Issue." Two of my favorite people came together the make this masterpiece happen. Clint Reynolds on the hip and Rob Dolecki with the shot. It should be hitting newsstands soon, but if you're like me and can't wait/have nowhere that sells Dig anywhere close, you can do what I did and pick up a digital copy from iTunes.