Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

And here we have the Urkatu section from Compression’s Septembre DVD. Coming across this today is what tipped me off that I had missed the previous section. Anyway, it always tripped me out that they had a full on legitimate resi landing at Urkatu! Don’t think I’m hatin’, I would stunt the hell out of… Continue reading Compression – Septembre DVD: Day 2

Good Food Tour PA

The woods of PA have been infested with international visitors for the better part of the last month or so. Dudes from Australia, Belgium, Holland, France, England, Brazil, and I’m sure a few countries I left out have all been passing through the trails Mecca that is Pennsylvania. This video I spotted over on Compression… Continue reading Good Food Tour PA

Jeremy Muller On Deluxe!

It’s about time that this cat was officially let out of the bag! La Source Trails head honcho and Compression mastermind Jeremy Muller is now riding for Deluxe! I think the term “perfect fit” would be quite fitting to describe their union. I’m buzzing to see what these dudes come up with together!

La Source Jam 2014

La Source is coming up on its 11th anniversary but here’s a video that’s just seeing the light of day from the jam they had to celebrate its 10th last year. It’s awesome how many people from around the world who came out to celebrate a decade of this legendary French spot! Via Compression

Abbaretz Trails 2014

It seems like it’s only once a year that we see something from the Abbaretz Trails. I’m very intrigued by the moon like dirt they have there, so I’m always excited when an edit pops up like this one did on Compression.