La Source – Frelon Line POV

So apparently all post today will be coming from France. Here’s a POV look at La Source’s Frelon Line that’s been fixed up in preparation for their jam this weekend. They may still need to do a bit of tree trimming. Spotted on Compression

Compression Presents Vince Primel

Vince has been getting around since the Vinyl and Compression dvds. Posh, Catty, H-Wood, and The Potoczny’s are just a handful of the places he’s visited. Luckily for us Compression put together this rad edit of his travels.

Adul’terre Line Test

You’ll love this video if you like your jumps squared off to framing square tolerances. It’s from a couple years ago, so some of you may have seen it already. I figured I’d post it up though since it came out before CYDI was around.

John and Max’s Excellent Adventure

Ok, I don’t know much about this edit over than the dudes names are John and Max and they went on a nine day road trip hitting ten different spots in two countries. Some of those spots were shit that I haven’t even seen before, include not one but two spots tucked under bridges! Spotted… Continue reading John and Max’s Excellent Adventure