Corey Bohan – Welcome To The Mad Hueys

Corey Bohan is now riding for The Mad Hueys. What is The Mad Hueys you may ask?  I took a few minutes to poke around their site as I was definitely curious myself. It appears to be an Australian clothing line that originated from a surfing, fishing, and drinking crew. Sound like my kind of guys. I didn’t even realize that Corey wasn’t on Unit any longer. I think they only sponsor Nitro Circus riders now anyway, so good riddance.

Hanging Foul – San Francisco Dew Tour Dirt

This is quite an interesting episode of Hanging Foul. Corey does his thing at Dew Tour and talks about his take on contest these days. One of the interesting things that comes up is that an unnamed rider pulled the judges aside and questioned them about Corey and Chris Doyle’s scores. Man I really wish they had dropped that fools name in here! Anyway, it’s good to see Corey not even remotely taking the contest seriously and even attempting a Joey Garcia tribute on his last run.

Hanging Foul – BMX and Surf in Tahiti

This episode of Hanging Foul is a bit of a departure from past ones that have mostly revolved around contest. Corey trades in contest runs for surf breaks in Tahiti with Zak Early. While there may not be any trails in here, there is one hell of a concrete skatepark. After seeing this episode I’m adding Tahiti to my list of places I must visit!

Hanging Foul – Dreamline Finals

And more footage or Red Bull’s Dreamline! At this point I really don’t know what the NBC broadcast is going to show that we haven’t seen. I guess we’ll find out on October 26th! In the meantime here is a look at the finals from Corey Bohan’s perspective. Shot out to Tyler Trueman for creeping up in here, and holy shit Kyle Baldock’s forks!

Hanging Foul – Dialing in at Dreamline

And the Dreamline coverage continues! Episode 5 of Hanging Foul is all Dreamline and surprisingly there’s stuff in it that we haven’t seen yet in all the other coverage. One of those being Corey shredding the course before that over rotated 360 took him out. Oh yeah, the slowmo of Dennis spinning the Sharks Fin and him later going over the berm at the end of the line are both priceless!