Red Bull – Ultimate New Zealand BMX Road Trip Pt. 2

So we are skipping part one of this Red Bull series and jumping straight into the second (for the time being at least). The reason being is that the two minutes of Farm Jam footage that you’ll find in here at 02:43 is worth going ahead and bypassing the whole first episode and the first… Continue reading Red Bull – Ultimate New Zealand BMX Road Trip Pt. 2

Pumped BMX 3 Trailer

The wait is almost over! In just two short weeks Pumped BMX 3 will be available for both iOS and Android! It’s almost certain that there will be a worldwide drop in productivity immediately following the release. Better get everything you need to get done before September 29th rolls around!

Tall Order – Webisode #13

00:38 and 08:17 are are the times you want to remember/jump to in this latest Tall Order webisode. The first one is a bit of hilarity as some tweaker takes himself out by running into a pedestrian on the Hermosa Beach Pier. The second is a HEATED session at the Oakley Trails with Corey Bohan,… Continue reading Tall Order – Webisode #13

Tall Order – Trails and Wales Pt. 4

Hopefully you’ve gone ahead and watched the previous Trails and Wales webisodes. If not, jump back a post and take them in. This fourth and final one definitely deserves its own separate post though. The Tall Order crew wraps up their trip with a session at the legendary Woodyard Trails. Poor Oli stressing over riding… Continue reading Tall Order – Trails and Wales Pt. 4

Tall Order – Trails and Wales Pt. 1

Sunday’s are usually pretty sleepy around here content wise but Tall Order decided to liven things up with their latest webisode featuring Corey Bohan and Matt Harris riding Sidley Woods. This is part one of four following the crew on a little team trip. You’ll find the next two parts below, but part four will… Continue reading Tall Order – Trails and Wales Pt. 1

Pumped BMX 3

Start getting excited now because Pumped BMX 3 will be available this summer! As you probably figured out from that image above, this time you’ll have quite the cast of characters to play with! There’s no exact release date just yet, but they are promising more news on it and all the new game features… Continue reading Pumped BMX 3

Introducing Tall Order BMX

There was a time not all that long ago where it seemed like a new BMX “brand” was popping up almost every week. Things have definitely slowed down quite a bit since then, and now a new brand being started is once again something that is newsworthy, especially when Sebastian “Bas” Keep is on the… Continue reading Introducing Tall Order BMX