Cosmo Trails Mini Doc

Well since I don’t understand Portuguese, I can only take an educated guess at what’s being said in here. Since it’s titled as a “mini doc” and has both new and old footage of Brazil’s Cosmo Trails, I’m going to say that they discuss the trails origins and who keeps them alive and running today.… Continue reading Cosmo Trails Mini Doc

Cosmo Trails Jam

It seems like with each new edit from the Cosmo Trails there’s a little less carpet covering the jumps. With this one from their recent jam, we’ve finally reached the point where all but two pieces are gone. I never understood why you would put carpet over that fine looking dirt anyway.

Cosmo Trails Session

I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of hard for me to take an edit with the Fu Fighters in it seriously. I’m going to go ahead and suggest hitting mute and throwing on a soundtrack of your own before you crack into this Cosmo Trails edit!

Kavukaterra Slo-mo

Now, I’m not usually too down with the slo-mo edits, but this one from the Cosmo Trails Jam is pretty decent. It’s short (no one wants to watch five minutes of slo-mo), for the most part they chose good clips to slow down, and the footage actually looks good (no one wants to watch slo-mo… Continue reading Kavukaterra Slo-mo

Cosmo Trails

It’s been a bit since we’ve seen anything new from the Cosmo Trails. Judging by this video from Rodrigo Gustavo Bueno, I’d say they’re doing pretty well down there in Brazil.

Cosmo Trails Jam

It’s becoming very apparent that if I’m going to keep doing CYDI that I may need to learn Portuguese. Shit is always going on down in Brazil and I’m always seeing new trails. This is the first that I’ve seen or heard of the Cosmo Trails, but they look to be another good spot and… Continue reading Cosmo Trails Jam