Backhoe Line 2020

Watching this line develop and come together over the past six and a half years has been an absolute pleasure! You’re the man Satoski!

Kage Kono – Japan Trip Part 2

The Crow Trails make an appearance in this second edit from Kage Kono’s trip to Japan, as does a very bizarre live J-Pop performance in a Tower Records (I guess those still exist over there). As someone who is somewhat obsessed with visiting Japan at some point in their life, I gladly watched the whole… Continue reading Kage Kono – Japan Trip Part 2

Satoski – ”Diggin’ The Backhoe Trail”

Two from the Crow Trails’ Backhoe line in less than a week! This one is an excerpt from a documentary in the works about Satoski and the trails called “Crow Chronicle.” I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Crow Trails Season 1

There was like a two year period with absolutely no videos from the Crow Trails and now we get two within a week! You won’t hear me complaining! It’s interesting how the trails are almost like two completely different sets. You got the smaller stuff out in the open, and then the big stuff on… Continue reading Crow Trails Season 1

Spring Crows

Man, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen a video from the Crow Trails. I know they had some issues with encroaching construction but it looks like that’s all in the past. It also looks like they’ve been putting in some serious shovel time! That high speed section that runs next to the… Continue reading Spring Crows