Alex Boyd – International SuperStar!

It’s been WAY too long since we’ve had some fresh Boyd footage on the site! Just when I was thinking that he may have gone and thrown in the towel, Crucial BMX comes through with this edit proving otherwise. Stoked to see that my fellow swim trunks aficionado has still got it!

Deluxe X Crucial – Remembering Vinewood

It’s been a couple of years since Deluxe and Crucial’s Alex Boyd packed up and made the move to Canada. I always figured that it must have been pretty tough for him to walk away from Vinewood and move halfway across the world. Real life doesn’t wait though, so that’s just what he did. During… Continue reading Deluxe X Crucial – Remembering Vinewood

The Twelve Pack: Alex Boyd

Name: Alexander William Boyd Age: 22 Local Trails: Vinewood Hook Ups: Deluxe, Crucial BMX Shop, Duo, DIG FOUR VICTORY 1. What were the first trails you ever went to? I guess the first legit trails I went to were Shipham, but before that it was this wild place called Kingswood. It was essentially a big… Continue reading The Twelve Pack: Alex Boyd