Snakewoods Trails 2015

It doesn’t matter that this footage is two years old; whether it was shot yesterday or years back, any footage from Snakewoods is guaranteed to be a treat! I’m actually glad that Nitai Whitehurst just got around to making an edit out of this because it made for a damn fine start to the week.

Snakewoods – Last Beers

This collection of raw footage that Steven Jackson put together is the first thing that I’ve come across from Snakewoods’ Last Call Jam. I love that it’s raw because it really gets across the whole vibe of the jam. It’s also cool to see just how many people came together for one last shindig there.

Re-Up: Snakewoods – That’s Not All of It

I meant to repost this over the weekend but ended up getting too busy doing some other stuff. I’ve really grown to love seeing what the Snakewoods crew is up to but unfortunately shortly after this video dropped the news came that this may be the last year for the trails due to encroaching development.… Continue reading Re-Up: Snakewoods – That’s Not All of It