Danny Josa In New Zealand

Here we have a rather artsy edit that Flairmotion put together documenting Danny Josa’s time in New Zealand. They’re also the ones who did that Dawid Godziek edit the other day, and much like that one, this one has footage from Farm Jam, Lizzy Woods and Gorge Road.

Danny Josa – My Vision

I’ve posted some of Danny’s edits on here before but I’ve never really given them a second thought after that. This on the other hand is one that I’ll definitely be watching again. Even with enough slowmo to warrant yet another Juvenile reference, it’s still pretty rad.

Vans Dirt & Roll 2013

I was wondering if an edit from Vans Dirt & Roll was ever going to show up. The contest went down almost a month and a half ago and up until today there hasn’t been anything. Well it’s finally here, and as expected the contest looked awesome once again. It’s crazy the amount of spectators… Continue reading Vans Dirt & Roll 2013