Flashback: Segment Clothing – Trails Is Shouting

Segment Clothing was kind of on its way out back when CYDI started five years ago. Luckily they did leave us when one last present before they exited, this upload of their 2008 full length “Trails Is Shouting” video. Going back and watching stuff like this always reminds me of how timeless riding trails really… Continue reading Flashback: Segment Clothing – Trails Is Shouting

Blueprint – Friends Section

While it may not be all trails, there’s more than enough NW soil in this friends section from 2001’s Blueprint video to make it a suitable flashback post for this week. I had to skip back a couple times to rewatch Darin Read’s candy bar to no footed can can! Spotted on Snakebite

GJ’s Trails – W.A.S.P. Edit

Standard definition or not, this edit is awesome! I mean how could you go wrong with an edit that has W.A.S.P. for the soundtrack and features NW legends GJ, Darin Read, Jake Shuster and a few other guys cruising some long gone trails? Stoked this one made its way online!