Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Kyle Hirschkorn

I don’t know what exactly it is about the Kush Trails. Photos from there just have a certain aura to them. I always love when new ones come our way and this week Kyle Hirschkorn was nice enough to send us enough to put together a brand new gallery. Hit the jump button, put the… Continue reading Photo Gallery: Kush Trails By Kyle Hirschkorn

Don’t Give a Damn Jam!

I’m just taking a stab here but I’m guessing Canada Day is like America’s Fourth of July. To me there’s no better way to celebrate the Fourth than with a good trail jam (and some explosives). That said, it makes perfect sense for our brothers up north to celebrate their day in a similar fashion.… Continue reading Don’t Give a Damn Jam!

Undercover Trails Photo Gallery

I think it was in Soil that I saw some trails built under a bridge. The idea always intrigued me but the likelihood of being able to pull it off around here has always been slim, especially after 911. Looks like these guys found a spot to make it happen and are now enjoying the weather resistant fruits… Continue reading Undercover Trails Photo Gallery