Exclusive Video: Welcome Jam 2013

The world known Potoczny Welcome Jam had a massive turn out this year. Every year the jam’s get bigger and bigger, my imagination can only wonder what next year will be like. Meaning we have to one up the video we just made. Results: Best Trick | Jeremy Ball, High Air | Tyler Valentik, High Air Quarter | Lil Jon, Best Pancake | Teddy Van Orman. The video features two local bands from Pittsburgh, Guests of Guests and Locks and Dams. There will be an outtakes video coming out soon, it will cover the quarter pipe high air and bloopers from the eventful day.


Vinyl “LP” Trailer #2 & Tom Arkus Interview

After you get done checking out the new trailer for Vinyl’s LP DVD above, head over to Dig for an interview that David Leep did with man behind it all. Tom killed it with this project and you’ll definitely want to find out what all went into making it happen. If you haven’t picked up a copy of the DVD yet and are in the U.S. we have some available in the store. Get on it because we are offering free shipping on them through next week!

Vinyl Premiere Photos

Due to some major ball ups with my financial institution I wasn't able to make it out to the Vinyl premiere. I was already pretty salty about it, but after seeing the photos of the premiere my salinity level is comparable to that of the Dead Sea. Oh well, at least I was able to get a lot done at the trails. Head over to Vinyl and check out a ton of photos from the premiere and the hangover session the day after.

Can You Dig It X Vinyl Edit

I couldn’t be more excited about this one! Tom and Vinyl have helped out tremendously with getting things dialed in with Can You Dig It. I’m really honored that our first exclusive video is a Vinyl one. These are the leftover clips from Vinyl’s “LP” DVD that is coming out in March. Filmed mostly in Pittsburgh and France and featuring a whole slew of riders, this should give you a pretty good indication of just how awesome the new Vinyl DVD is going to be. Go grab yourself a beer, kick back, hit play, and enjoy!