Red Bull – Field Trippin’ with Martin Söderström & Dawid Godziek

No matter how you feel about Red Bull, there’s no denying that they give people plenty of opportunities to bring some cool ideas to life. Take for example Martin Söderström’s vision to dig jumps ten feet into the ground a Swedish field so that they would all but disappear once the flowers bloomed. He brought… Continue reading Red Bull – Field Trippin’ with Martin Söderström & Dawid Godziek

Red Bull Dreamline Virtual Tour

I can’t believe it’s already been over a year since the last and possibly final Red Bull Dreamline went down. I thought that I had already seen every single last bit of media related to the event, but I was wrong. Somehow this absolutely amazing virtual tour from 100 Digital Creativity slipped through the cracks.… Continue reading Red Bull Dreamline Virtual Tour

Dawid Godziek In Barcelona

This could also be called Dawid Godziek at La Poma. I was hoping there’d be some other spots in here but it wasn’t meant to be. What it lacks in variety of spots, it more than makes up for with how good the footage looks. Dawid’s riding isn’t too shabby either!

Vans Kill the Line Results

The results are in and Dawid Godziek took the win at this year’s Vans Kill the Line. Leandro Moreira took second, and Chris Doyle grabbed the last spot on the box. Congrats dudes! Check the official press release below for all the nitty gritty details. “31st of August 2014 – Peynier, France. Dawid Godziek from Poland is the winner… Continue reading Vans Kill the Line Results

Dawid Godziek – Welcome to Vans Poland

Vans are now gracing the feet of Poland’s Dawid Godziek. I figured this edit was going to be pretty heavy on the trickery, and while there is a good bit of stuntin’ in it, there’s also plenty of steez to balance it out.

Dawid Godziek @ EC4

This is more of an EC4 scene check than anything. Hope you like subtitles! The term “trails parasite” will definitely be working it’s way into my vocabulary.