Sheep Herding With Kris Fox And Hucker

Demolition has a really good interview up with Hucker and Kris Fox where they talk about the influence Sheep Hills has had on them. I usually tend to think negatively when I think about Sheep. It's kind of hard not to when you've grown up on the East Coast with the best trails in the world. This gives a cool perspective on what it was like being a kid when Sheep was in its heyday. Putting the chrome pitting moon dust, homeless tweakers, RC car photo shoots, and god knows what other ridiculousness that has occurred out there aside, it must have been pretty awesome to have gone there as a kid. Head on over to Demolition to check out the interview and photo gallery.

Demolition Maiden Fork Specs

Demolition has been sneaking in pics on their Instagram of Chris Doyle's new signature "Maiden" forks for the past month or so. Up until now they've just been pics, but today they dropped some details on the specs. Here's what we know so far.

-They'll feature the same 32mm offset that Doyle's previous "Concorde" fork had.
-They have a completely new dropout design.
-Fits 2.4 Tires.
-Full 100% 4130 Heat-Treated CR-MO.
-Tapered Legs.
-Height: 314mm.
-Butted 1-pc 163mm long Steerer Tube.

It seems to me that the Maiden forks are a natural evolution from the Concorde forks that came before them. They kept all the stuff that worked, refined the dropouts, and reshaped the leg/crown junction to accommodate big monster truck tires. Makes sense to me!

Demoliton Northwest Trails Trip

Demolition switched things up this year and headed to the Northwest for their trails trip. I was actually expecting this to be mostly skatepark footage with how much rain they encountered on the road. I’m happy to say that that’s not the case, and other than a few clips from a concrete park this is all Northwest trails goodness!

Demolition Doyle X Anthem Pivotal Seat Sale

Demolition is putting their Doyle X Anthem Pivotal seats on sale through October 31st. You can pick one up through their STORE for just $14.99 and it ships for free! That's one hell of a deal if you ask me! I actually just saw one of these in person for the first time last week and they look bad ass! Act fast if you want one because not only does this deal not last long but something tells me that the seats won't either.