Tom Dugan Mic’d Up At The Palm Trails

I really wasn’t expecting to actually watch all 18 minutes of this, but between Tom’s unique brand of commentary and the raw footage of him, Chase Hawk, Mike Saavedra, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley and Heath Pinter shredding Palm just before it was torn down, I found myself all the way at the end before I… Continue reading Tom Dugan Mic’d Up At The Palm Trails

Pumped BMX 3 Trailer

The wait is almost over! In just two short weeks Pumped BMX 3 will be available for both iOS and Android! It’s almost certain that there will be a worldwide drop in productivity immediately following the release. Better get everything you need to get done before September 29th rolls around!

Pumped BMX 3

Start getting excited now because Pumped BMX 3 will be available this summer! As you probably figured out from that image above, this time you’ll have quite the cast of characters to play with! There’s no exact release date just yet, but they are promising more news on it and all the new game features… Continue reading Pumped BMX 3