Story Time: How I Found Posh & Drexelbrook

Last week we had an incident where the google aerial view and coordinates of our trails were posted on Facebook by some cyclocross guys. Our trails aren't exactly top secret or anything but we do try to limit who all knows their location. Mainly it's to not raise the attention of anyone living in the surrounding neighborhood. See our trails are located in what you might call the hood. The last thing we need is a bunch of ghetto kids realizing that there are large mounds of dirt for them to run up and down on just blocks away from their houses. For that reason we purposely made the main entrance to the trails well out of site of the neighborhood. While posting the aerial view and coordinates may have given people the trails location, it didn't give the location of the entrance to use as to not attract attention. That was my main problem with the whole deal. Luckily for them I've mellowed out as I've gotten older. Rather than going to their houses and cutting their bikes in half, I calmly explained to them why posting that kind of info was a no no. They took it down so everything was all good. The senario did get me thinking about how much things have changed over the years with regards to finding trails. In particular I got to thinking about how I found Posh and Drexelbrook. Now days social media and google make it relatively easy to find your way to new trails, but let's rewind back to when things were quite a bit different. (more...)

“Seek & Destroy” 1998 promo

I remember this commercial like it was yesterday!

“This 15 year old Seek & Destroy commercial was released in the fall of ’98 and distributed to bike shops on VHS. It also ran in an issue of Props video magazine, but hasn’t seen the light of day since then. We re-released it on the internet as a way of saying thanks to all the friends and supporters of Little Devil over the years. Riders in order of appearance: Pat Juliff, Garrett Byrnes, Brian Iarocci, Derek Adams, Van Homan, Chris Stauffer, and Rich Hirsch.” -Little Devil Brand