Reality Czech Photo Gallery

DIG gives you a look into the Czech trails scene via a gallery of photos shot by Milan Tykal and captioned by Eric Hennessey that I would highly recommend checking out. Henny traveled was over there back in September with Garrett Ginch for the Řáholec Jam and they got the full trails tour. Click HERE… Continue reading Reality Czech Photo Gallery

Hucker Bike Check

Hucker has a bike check up on DIG showing off his very vintage looking build. Seriously, that thing is a 44t sprocket, a railed seat and press-in headset cups away from being straight out of 1995. Love it! Give it a look and catch a little interview with Hucker HERE!

La Source Jam 2016

FINALLY footage from last year’s La Source Jam! If I remember correctly, DIG was supposed to put out an edit but their filmer’s camera bag that had the footage in it was stolen. I was thinking that we just weren’t going to have any video from the jam but then Trailfever came through with this… Continue reading La Source Jam 2016

DIG – ACT Jam 2017 Photo Gallery

Every year the Back Bone crew goes all out and puts on three days of BMX madness that is known as the ACT Jam. Some downhill roasters built next to a race track was the site of one of the jams, and they totally reminded me of the old DK Dirt Circuit days! DIG has… Continue reading DIG – ACT Jam 2017 Photo Gallery

Verde – Vagabonds In New Zealand

I was actually expecting the video from Lima, Inch and Matt Priest’s New Zealand trip to be a Villa Road edit, but it turns out that it’s for Verde. This epic 15 minute piece follows their whole adventure but if you’re short on time or have a short attention span, 02:12 is where you’ll find… Continue reading Verde – Vagabonds In New Zealand

The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2016

My apologies for the delay! Maybe one day I’ll finally realize that I need to start the whole process of picking these out well before the end of the year rolls around. I thought I’d be able to hammer it out right at the beginning of January, but between traveling and being busy with a… Continue reading The Top 10 Trails Web Edits Of 2016