Have the days of Trail Nazi’s come and gone? Alex Boyd wrote an interesting piece that you should check out over on DIGMORE. Have a read and feel free to weigh in with a comment. For me personally those days are over. Why waste the energy being angry all the time over people not wanting… Continue reading THE END OF THE NAZI

Fourteen Acres

Fourteen Acres is a new spot in Somerset that Boyd and the Digmore crew helped get going. With the help from a little excavator they were able to do a seasons worth of work in one weekend. I’m sure some purist cringe at the idea of using equipment at the trails, but as someone who… Continue reading Fourteen Acres

DIGMORE France Trip

What do you do when you haven’t been able to ride all summer due to shit weather and you’re scheduled to have knee surgery soon? Pack up and seek out better weather in France is what you do. Via DIGMORE

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