Hanging Foul – Czech BMX

It’s time for another episode of Corey Bohan’s “Hanging Foul” series. This time Corey is in the Czech Republic taking in the sights and nightlife before the Vans Dirt & Roll contest. He also makes it over to the Stráž dirtpark for a little warmup session with none other than Mr. Chris Doyle.

Vans Dirt & Roll 2013

I was wondering if an edit from Vans Dirt & Roll was ever going to show up. The contest went down almost a month and a half ago and up until today there hasn’t been anything. Well it’s finally here, and as expected the contest looked awesome once again. It’s crazy the amount of spectators… Continue reading Vans Dirt & Roll 2013

Vans Dirt & Roll Course Preview and Riders List

Here’s another preview of the Vans Dirt & Roll course from Tomáš Kudrnáč. The first time I watched this I was freaking out thinking they had edited out showing the flats between the jumps, when in reality they were just showing multiple takes of Tomáš hitting each jump before moving on to the next one. I’m slow… Continue reading Vans Dirt & Roll Course Preview and Riders List

Vans Dirt & Roll 2013 Line Preview

Vans Dirt & Roll is coming up this weekend and here’s a little video of some dudes running the course. After seeing the course in action I think it’s safe to say that this is going to be a damn good contest. Spotted on CheckTrails