Raditudes – Episode 6

So pretty much each new episode of Raditudes becomes my new favorite. This one certainly has and with good reason. The first half of it is all trails and Hucker getting loose with his drone. By loose I mean flying it directly into Navaz’s face! The second half catches up with Anthony at the Goodwood… Continue reading Raditudes – Episode 6

Drew Bezanson’s F.O.D. POV

Hop aboard with Drew Bezanson and take a couple of runs through SoCal’s most popular trails spot. Now I know what it would look like if I were to do a backflip barspin.

Raditudes – Episode 5

This very well may be my favorite episode of Raditudes yet. The F.O.D. Trails section that Navaz put together for it is absolutely amazing. I love the East Coast but this definitely has me missing those Cali sunset sessions. The episode starts off with Anthony at that crazy SMP Park in China and Hucker skydiving… Continue reading Raditudes – Episode 5

Raditudes Episode 4

I was thinking that this episode of Raditudes was going to be all park and stretching but Hucker and the crew came through at the end with a session at some trails with a wild on/off motorhome setup mid line. Skip to 06:59 to get straight to it.