Flashback: Scum Clothing Presents 1201

No offense S&M but one of the best trades I’ve ever made was back in high school when I swapped a copy of BMX Inferno for 1201. I still have it to this day and I continue to cherish it the same as I did back when I first got it. Who knows if it will even play anymore. Between myself and my friends, it definitely saw way more than it’s fair share of use until eventually being retired due to me no longer owning a working VCR. Luckily the good folks at FBM decided to upload 1201 to Vimeo…

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Story Time: How I Found Posh & Drexelbrook

Last week we had an incident where the google¬†aerial view and coordinates of our trails were posted on Facebook by some cyclocross guys. Our trails aren’t exactly top secret or anything but we do try to limit who all knows their location. Mainly it’s to not raise the attention of anyone living in the surrounding neighborhood. See our trails are located in what you might call the hood. The last thing we need is a bunch of ghetto kids realizing that there are large mounds of dirt for them to run up and down on just blocks away from their…

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