Flashback: Clint Reynolds 2011

Footage of Clint is timeless. If it were not for the poor video quality, the lines at Eastside being a bit different and the lack of him wearing a helmet giving it away, you totally wouldn’t be able to tell that this video is from all the way back in 2011.

Re-Up: The Back Bone Video – Trail Mix Section

Just in case this weekend’s weather has got you down, here’s a little pick-me-up courtesy of the fine folks at Back Bone!

The Back Bone Video – Trail Mix Section

What a pleasure it was to wake up this morning and the first thing that I see is that the crown jewel of The Backbone Video is finally online. Watch it, get stoked, tell your boss you can’t make it in today, and then go lay some tracks down somewhere!

ES Is Boostie

Some fresh Eastside footage coming courtesy of the heavy NW crew that’s been down there visiting for the past week. I don’t even have words for that last clip of Matty going into the stratosphere off of the Speedball hip…

Flashback: Credence VS Speedball

This edit that Brian Barnhart put together of Clint and Matty ripping Speedball randomly popped into my head when I was digging today. I’m not sure what exactly it was that sparked the memory, but I’m glad it did so that I’d be forced to rewatch it when I got home. Coincidentally it’s Friday and… Continue reading Flashback: Credence VS Speedball

Moe Russ – Cupla Laps

To quote Moe on this one, “Nothing beats a Cupla laps!” Here’s short but sweet edit of him crushing some out recently down at Eastside.

Re-Up: Relic BMX – Chad Osburn, Clint Reynolds, & Ashley Charles

Though I haven’t had time to give it another watch since I posted it last Friday, this Relic edit has been on my mind all week. I love what Relic has done so far and this edit just reconfirmed that there are a lot more good things to come from Ash’s take on what a… Continue reading Re-Up: Relic BMX – Chad Osburn, Clint Reynolds, & Ashley Charles