Flashback: A Very Belgium 2014

I’m so glad that someone suggested this for the flashback post this week because I had totally forgotten how good it was. The MX Trails crew logged some serious miles back in 2014 chasing grooves all over the world. They definitely left their mark on every spot they visited, especially Foerske spinning the shark fin… Continue reading Flashback: A Very Belgium 2014

Ermite Trails 2014

How good are the Ermite Trails looking these days!? They’ve pretty much packed as many jumps into the top half as they possibly can.

Brankignol’s Two Day Trip

Two days, one bowl, two sets of trails, and a bunch of friends. That’s my kind of trip, and especially since one of those sets of trails happens to be Ermite.

Vans Trails Mission 2013

Ok, so now that crash video that I posted last week  from the Vans Trails Mission makes a little more sense. When I posted it I was asking myself what in the world is the Vans Trails Mission and why haven’t I heard anything about it. Turns out that it was a pretty big road… Continue reading Vans Trails Mission 2013