Sao Miguel Trails ESPN Video & Gallery

I’m always excited to see anything from the Sao Miguel Trails. There’s just something about the location that intrigues me. ESPN Brazil recently paid them a visit and came back with the video above as well as a photo gallery that you can check out on their site. I wonder if drivers on those bridges can see people’s heads popping up as they hit the jumps?

Brian Yeagle ESPN Bio

Don’t go thinking I forgot about throwback thursday again! I’m not throwing it back as far as I usually do but this one is still a doozy. I’ve admired Brian Yeagle since the first time I ever saw him ride in person. It was at the La Revolution contest at East Coast Terminal, and after watching him take a few runs I immediately walked over to Robo and asked why he wasn’t on Fit’s pro team. Brian is a legend and one of those guys who makes you want to stop whatever you’re doing to watch ride. I had kind of forgotten about this bio that Tom Arkus produced for ESPN back in 2010. It popped up on Facebook the other day and I immediately knew what my throwback thursday post was going to be!

Panamoka After the Storm

Terra's been on it this week. Check out his latest gallery showing the aftermath of Sandy at the Panamoka Trails over on ESPN. I'm glad to see that they made it through without too much damage! Even better is that seems to be the word coming from most of the trails here on the East Coast.

9th Street Halloween Jam Edit By Stew

This is just comical at this point. Three edits from the same jam all within 48 hours of the jam happening. The only reason I’m posting this one is because it’s from Stew Johnson and is my favorite so far. I feel saying so far is inviting even more edits from this. On a side note, the ESPN player also doesn’t work on iPhones or Ipads. Get with the times people!

X Games Dirt Photo Gallery

There's no doubt that you've seen or heard the "bring back dirt" slogan somewhere. It never really bothered me all that much that they took dirt out of the X Games. I took the whole bring back dirt "movement" as contest riders being bummed on having one less payday. There's a lot more to dirt not being in the X Games than most people realize and a wide range of opinions on it. More on that to come. Until then check out this photo gallery of X Games Dirt's past from ESPN.