“Heroes of Dirt” On the Rise

The closer we get to the release of “Heroes of Dirt” the more excited I’m starting to get. I really hope that this movie will help to inspire a generation of kids the way that Rad did! Eric Bugbee sat down with xgames.com for this video interview to talk about the movie, what inspired him to create it, and the struggles he faced getting it done. The premieres are just a few weeks away, so grab a ticket HERE if you want to be a part of them!

Brian Foster – What’s Next After BMX?

Brian Foster has had a long and illustrious career in BMX and at 42 he's still killing it. What's next though? That's just what ESPN set to find out and the answer may surprise you. For the past few years BF has been back in school working towards getting his PHD in Physical Therapy. Seems like a solid career choice to me, and his future patients will be very lucky to be under the care of someone who has had and overcome many injuries himself. Head on over to ESPN for some insight from the future doc himself.

Through the Years with Chase Hawk

I had the pleasure of meeting and riding with Chase way back in 2001 while he was on the Props road trip that they talk about in here. It was pretty damn obvious back then that once he grew into his bike he was going to be one of the best riders to ever touch a BMX. Make your way over to the X Games site after you get done watching this for some good words on Chase and Austin’s BMX history by Brian Tunney.

Sao Miguel Trails ESPN Video & Gallery

I’m always excited to see anything from the Sao Miguel Trails. There’s just something about the location that intrigues me. ESPN Brazil recently paid them a visit and came back with the video above as well as a photo gallery that you can check out on their site. I wonder if drivers on those bridges can see people’s heads popping up as they hit the jumps?

Brian Yeagle ESPN Bio

Don’t go thinking I forgot about throwback thursday again! I’m not throwing it back as far as I usually do but this one is still a doozy. I’ve admired Brian Yeagle since the first time I ever saw him ride in person. It was at the La Revolution contest at East Coast Terminal, and after watching him take a few runs I immediately walked over to Robo and asked why he wasn’t on Fit’s pro team. Brian is a legend and one of those guys who makes you want to stop whatever you’re doing to watch ride. I had kind of forgotten about this bio that Tom Arkus produced for ESPN back in 2010. It popped up on Facebook the other day and I immediately knew what my throwback thursday post was going to be!