Eyoka Trails Jam 2015

It’s been a minute since we had an edit come through with a full on EDM soundtrack. You may want to bust out some glow sticks and molly before hitting play on this one from the Eyoka Trails Jam!

Eyoka Trail Jam 2014

Haven’t see a whole lot from Eyoka this year. Glad to see that they’re still kicking ass and jammin’ out!

Eyoka Trail Jam

One of my favorite things about jams is the epic trains you can get going. It’s fun to throw caution to the wind and trust that people you don’t know aren’t going to explode in front of you! They got some good ones going at the Eyoka Jam for sure!

Eyoka Trails Video

For some reason the video of the Eyoka Trails reminds me of the Wild West. Spotted on Compression