Inside The FBM Warehouse

One thing I love about FBM is how they’ve always been open with letting people in to see their manufacturing process. Even in their early days you could go take a shop tour and see things in the works. Matty Brown just put together this new piece for X Games that takes a look at FBM’s current operation. As expected, they’re still kicking ass and cranking out that American made goodness.

  • bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping
  • bmx trails dirt jumping dirtjumping

The “Trail Riders United” Frame

United's new trails frame has a name and it's a clever one. The "Trail Riders United" is made in the USA by FBM and is currently being tested out by a few members of the United Team. Ryan Lloyd owns the one above and you can bet that it will be getting some serious altitude testing with him riding it. United is still making tweaks and getting the frame dialed in, but you can expect it to be available sometime this summer.

Prebook a 3/8″ FBM Steadfast

FBM is taking prebooks for Steadfast CS frames with 3/8" dropout slots. They usually only offer them with 14mm slots, so here's your chance to get one that you won't have to use adapters with. Hit em up HERE if you want to snag one!

FBM Early Spring Flipbook

FBM just dropped a new FLIPBOOK showcasing some of the current goodies that they have to offer. There's one particular product that's not in there, and I don't think I'm at liberty to say anything about yet. You'll just have to wait a bit for news on that one!

Jackson Allen Interview

I haven't yet had the chance to meet Jackson in person but I can tell he's a solid dude from the few emails we've exchanged back and forth. He has an interview up on the FBM site right now that definitely lends credence to the solidity of his dudeness. Check it out because he lets the cat out of the bag about  a new Sasquatch Canyon video and a new project he's helping out with called  W E A T H E R. Peep it HERE!

Live Fast Die.

Live Fast Die was my first real introduction to the madness that is FBM. Actually let me rephrase that. Purchasing Live Fast Die was my first real introduction to the madness that is FBM. Lets take a trip back to the 1997 NBL Grands in Louisville, Kentucky. I was wandering around the pits possibly avoiding Charles Townsend due to an incident in staging where I made fun of his abnormally large head after he tried to muscle his way past me. That’s a whole nother story though!

So I’m walking around killing time and out of nowhere this dude comes up to me and says “hey kid you’re going to buy this fucking video.” I looked at the video, looked at the dude, and put two and two together that this was that Steve Crandall guy I had seen in some other videos. I liked his approach, so why not buy a copy.

A few days later I finally got home and popped it in the vcr, and boy was I in for a surprise. I hadn’t witnessed this kind of mayhem in a BMX video before! I immediately started calling everyone I rode with at the time and told them to get over here cause they had to see this shit. If we had only known then the level of chaos FBM’s next video would unleash upon us!

FBM Rise Above Stem

FBM posted this pic of the new stem they've been working on their Facebook yesterday with the following info.

"New FBM Rise Above stem coming soon… Made In the United States of America, 51 Reach, 31 Rise angled top cap..."

Looks pretty rad if you ask me, but I do want to know if Kerry Sayre is getting royalties off of that name?