Hucker Bike Check

Head over to Figure for a look at the bike that Hucker puts into all kinds of weird positions. Once again I have to say that the graphics on that thing are incredible!

Vans Kill the Line Photo Gallery by Tonton Boz

Now here’s something that doesn’t really happen anymore in this day an age. There have been way more photos and photo galleries of Vans Kill the Line than there have been videos. I’m in no way complaining, and I can honestly say that it’s been kind of refreshing. The latest gallery to come out is… Continue reading Vans Kill the Line Photo Gallery by Tonton Boz

Blaine Mazzetti Who & Why (Again & Again!)

Blaine is once again the subject of Figure’s “Who & Why” series, but this time the photos were shot by none other than Mrs. Mazzetti. I said photos as in plural because Figure is playing a little catch up this month and decided to use two pics of Blaine. Check them out HERE

Mark Potoczny Who & Why

This picture of Mark is the latest one to be examined in Figure BMX Magazine‘s “Who & Why” series. Head over to their site for the details behind why they chose it.

Kye Forte Bike Check

Hot on the heals of his “This is United” part being online Kye now has a bike check up on Figure. Head over there and check out what he’s riding, or at least what he was in September.