Flashback: Sunday Catty Scout Promo

Sunday may be totally about the streets these days, but you do have to give them some respect for putting out this complete bike five years ago to help with Catty’s insurance cost.

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Flashback: Make Every Second Count – Catty Woods 2D

Here’s a flashback that I had totally forgotten about until I rediscovered it the other day. This is the 2D version of the Catty section from the 3D Blue-ray film “Make Every Second Count.” I’m kind of in disbelief that I never picked up a copy of the DVD. I’m not really into 3D stuff but this would be absolutely amazing to watch on the big screen even in just this 2D version!

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Fat Favourites with Ryan Popple

Make your way over to Fat to check out Ryan Popple’s faves! I’ll also take this time to send him out a big congrats on getting hitched! Make sure you take all of Flash’s advice buddy!

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