Mat Olson @ Frisco

Well the actual title of this is “Mat Olson at Woodward Copper”, but what matters to us around here is the last 50 seconds where he’s riding the Frisco Bike Park. Jump to 01:07 to get yourself there!

Standard Does Denver

This video from the Standard Crew’s trip from Iowa to Colorado is mostly park and street, BUT we do get around 40 seconds of dirt footage from two Colorado bike parks. Jump to the 01:17 mark to get right into it and watch Joey Cordova steez that whip!

Photo Gallery: Vinyl @ The Frisco Bike Park

[new_royalslider id=”8″] Tucked away in a small mountain town there is a incredible place for you to ride your bike. The Frisco Bike Park is a free dirt park made for BMX, MTB’s, and any type of bicycle you can imagine. I should mention that the tax payers of Frisco are kind enough to pick up the tab… Continue reading Photo Gallery: Vinyl @ The Frisco Bike Park